Where is the best place to place sports bets?

best place to place sports

The sports betting business on the Internet is booming. For many years, bookmakers were a "typical" British phenomenon. In the meantime, however, betting has also become socially acceptable in this country. More and more sports fans are challenging their luck with one or the other bet. But beginners in particular are always faced with the crucial question: Where do you find the best sports bets? Although every bookmaker has his own special disciplines, it can generally be said that in the betting provider comparison the top providers come up with the most comprehensive overall portfolio.

The seriousness characteristics of the online providers

The first glance of the new customers should not be at the betting program itself, but at the seriousness of the bookmaker. The best odds and the most demanding betting markets are ultimately useless if the user comes across a "black sheep" who does not pay the profits. To say it very clearly at this point. 99.9 percent of online providers work absolutely seriously and are subject to the constant control mechanisms of the supervisory authorities. As a newcomer to the scene, it is undoubtedly worth taking a look at the experience gained in corresponding specialist portals. Althoug it's best for you to make your own conclusions about an online bookmaker, you can also find the top sports betting websites by visiting websites where experts rate them for you. But the quality labels can also be analysed without any problems. In the following we have compiled the points you should focus on.

  • License: Every online bookmaker needs a license that allows him to offer and broker sports bets. The most valuable permits are issued by government agencies in Malta and Gibraltar. In addition, some bookies still have a regional license from the Ministry of the Interior to Schleswig Holstein.
  • Seal of Approval: If a bookie has an eCogra seal of approval, then absolute fairness and seriousness can be assumed.
  • Sponsoring: The good betting providers also sponsor top sports. Partnerships with clubs and associations are always an unmistakable sign of quality.
  • Web page: Usually already the first look at the web page betrays whether it concerns a respectable Bookie. The design should be self-explanatory and intuitive. If an online provider presents his customers with "technical problems", he maneuvers himself out.
  • Customer support: Of course, difficulties can arise from time to time. In this case, it is important that a good support team provides users with help and advice. Customer service should be available free of charge.
  • Bonus: The view of the new customers is naturally also directed at the betting bonus, whereby however not always only the sum of the welcome premium is decisive. More important in the Bettbonus comparison are the Rollover conditions. The bonus should also be stress-free for beginners.

The best sports bets - you should pay attention to that

best place to place sports

It is not always easy for beginners to distinguish between good and bad betting offers. Don't just look at the bookies' offers superficially. The quality shows itself only in the depth. For example, call up a football match in a top league. A good bookmaker will make at least 80 special bets per match. The diversity of the betting offers can already be seen on the start page. The online provider should have at least 20-25 sports in its portfolio.

Of course, the odds are decisive. Here we show you how to calculate the odds key exactly. Serious bookies have a mathematical payout ratio of 93 to 94 percent, with absolute highlights even higher. Even if the differences between the online providers may seem small at first glance, calculated on an annual basis, the differences quickly add up to a few hundred euros plus or minus on the betting account.