The biggest myths in sports betting

The biggest myths in sports betting

As the sports betting industry has evolved and expanded over the past few years, it has become very difficult for the average player to distinguish myths from useful tips. The problem is that anyone can give a witch in this area, but few are really qualified to do it. The ability to distinguish facts from fiction should help every ordinary player make informed decisions and make fewer mistakes. Below you will find some common myths about sports betting that are not true.

1. Bookmakers are always right

Bookmakers do not know the outcome of the event before it is played, nor have they seen it played 1000 times in the past to know the exact probabilities of the outcome of the upcoming match. The myth is that bookmakers are always right and never wrong. Yes, bookmakers have entire teams that work on odds-making and they often do a great job, but still they are people and they can't go wrong. Odds do not always reflect the real odds, and for the reason that they depend on other factors, which you can read in the article "Why Odds Change".

2. There is no such thing as a risk-free bet

Believe it or not, this is not true. Many bettors make profits from techniques that do not contain the risk element.

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Such technique is arbitrage bets, which use the odds of different bookmakers to achieve a secure profit, betting on all possible outcomes of the event. You can read more about them in Arbitrage Bets.

Another popular technique is for "covered" bets with deposit bonuses. How can you apply this technique from "How to turn a deposit bonus into a" secure bet "?"

3. No money can be made from bets

Apart from the above techniques, sports betting, of course, has a high amount of risk, much like any other endeavor. It is also a fact that for the most part, there are also people who make a living from betting on sporting events.

The biggest difference between losing players and professionals is that professionals view bets as an investment that requires dedication and exploration, rather than simply a "random" bet on TV games to increase the thrill of watching them, as is the case with almost all players. You will find many materials on our site that will show you how to do things as a professional.

4. The outsider wins! The bookmaker is fucked!

In fact, bouquets are rarely bothered by this.

In fact, they rejoice when outsiders earn, especially at high odds. This brings them great media advertising, showing players who have made tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. The Leicester title of the 2015/16 season literally flooded the media with reports of people betting on the Foxes at 5,000.00 odds.

Winning team

But think: How much money did bookmakers take on bets on Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool? How many of the other teams' fans have also put over-optimistic bets on their pets? Did all of these bets beat the Lester title win?

At the end of the day, bookmakers are constantly balancing their accepted bets. If they are unbalanced, the booklet will simply change the odds to correct this.

5. The coefficient does not matter. The important thing is to just know more winners

The coefficient matters. If we just wanted to know more "winners", we would all bet every round on Real Madrid and Barcelona and all win a lot.

Yes, favorites like Real Madrid and Barca really win their matches very often. But betting on them each round does not make a long-term profit because the odds are consistent with their increased likelihood of winning.

What is really important is to find bets for which the odds are greater than the real chance of winning. For example, to find an event with a 50% chance of success (in your opinion) a factor of 2.10 - then you will always be profitable in the long run, as long as, of course, you apply the correct management of your money in bookmakers.

6. All matches are settled

Money betting

The fact is that this is one of the most common myths in sports betting. People like to believe that someone else has fucked them so they don't have to look for the problem within themselves. Of course, there are matches that are really settled, but this problem of world sport is often exaggerated by bettors. If you are the one who always blames corruption when the tennis player he bet on loses 6-4 5-3, then you simply can't lose. There are players who are used to thinking that a match is always settled when the bet does not go to plan. But the fact that the event itself has developed in an unexpected and perhaps slightly strange way does not mean that there is corruption in it.

7. Betting Exchanges

Betting exchanges are one of the smartest inventions of online sports betting and in over 90% of the cases they give better odds than bookmakers. However, many people think that the exchanges are not for them. Do not make their mistake.