How to Win from Snooker Bets

Snooker ball

Snooker is a very old sport, which became more popular in the 1970s. In many ways, the catalyst for increased interest in snooker has been the development of color television, as for obvious reasons it is a sport that cannot be properly reflected by the black and white picture.

Nowadays, the largest sports television in the world - Eurosport - broadcasts dozens of tournaments every year, and fans of the game are growing more and more. The Snooker World Championships in Cruzibel have become one of the pearls in the crown of television sports.

In addition to watching, this game has become particularly popular with betting.

As for the snooker betting markets, the most popular among them are the match winner markets, as in almost every sport. Tournament winning bets also generate very high turnover. Bookmakers allow you to bet on the winner of next year's World Cup around the time immediately after the end of this year's edition. bet365, for example, enables its customers to earn a bet365 bonus online when registering, whether they are betting on snooker, volleyball, football, etc. In other major tournaments, the situation is almost the same. There are many other types of bets, including:

  • Match Betting - Similar to football betting, you can also bet on snooker for the exact match result. The specifics of this market depend a lot on the format of the meeting - "5 out of 9" or format with multiple frames.

  • Frame Winner - Winner bets on the next frame are particularly popular with live bets. Momentum is a key moment in this sport, and a good and confident single-player game in one frame is a sign that he has a great chance of winning the next one as well.

  • Which player will score the first red ball - Which player will have the ball in his or her hand for the first shot in the frame has a significant impact on the game development in that part. Top players usually perform near perfect breaks and in most cases the ball hides in a safe position behind a colored ball in the bow zone. However, bad breaks still happen to the best breaks and they allow the opponent player to score the first red ball. In other words, the one who doesn't perform the first shot is more likely to score the first red

  • Race up to 20/30/40 points - You can also bet on which of the two opponents will reach the first table of 20, 30, 40 or another bookmaker line.

  • The first colored ball inserted - An interesting and popular marketplace where players try to predict what color the first colored ball will be. Black and blue are favorite stats, followed by pink. Bookmakers are very fond of this bet because it is closer to the lottery type of games and it is difficult to put serious logic into it as there are many variables. However, there is a case of one player betting on the yellow ball in three consecutive frames. The yellow ball is one of the least likely choices, so the odds are 9.00. With three frames, this player has won an accumulated bet of 729.00 odds. Ball speed can affect this market. On a fast table, it is more difficult to control the ball and it can easily reach the bow zone, which increases the chance of the first ball scored to be yellow, green or brown.

  • Number of points in the frame - Similar to Under / Above Markets, bookmakers allow you to bet whether the total number of points in the frame will be below or above a given line - usually 100 points. Most bets rush to Over Bets, but keep in mind that an 80 point break is usually enough to win the frame. Yes, players like to make sensory breaks of over 100 points, but even more they like to win. Therefore, once the frame is guaranteed, the concentration often disappears and the series stops before a hundred points.

Snooker balls and champion cup

How to know more winners?

The general rule of thumb is that the more frames one match, the more likely the favorite to take the lead and win. Conversely, in the early stages of tournaments, where "5 out of 9" is usually played, surprises are much more likely. All players in big tournaments are of a good enough level and can make winning breaks with a little luck for good ball placement. When you only need five frames to win, it is not impossible to dethrone the stronger player.

However, this does not in any case mean that in long matches, players with lower odds always win, especially when the difference in odds is not so great.

Snooker shoot

It is important that you always check the statistics for the last two matches of the two rivals separately. Unlike other sports, the results of direct snooker clashes are less important and do not carry much information about the odds of the two in the upcoming match. It is much more important to see what form the players are in and whether their game is going lately.

For live betting it is very useful to watch the matches in real time. Because snooker is playing at a very slow pace, commentators have all the time in the world to express their opinion on the match, which can often be turned into winning bets, provided, of course, the commentators are really experts in the sport.