Sports betting mistakes - Top 10

Sports betting mistakes - Top 10

Sports betting can be one of the most rewarding and fun activities in your free time, but there are two things to remember: you need to make at least a little effort and you should try to avoid the most common sports betting mistakes. In fact, every player makes mistakes. But smart players learn from their mistakes, and the wise learn from the mistakes of others, as the saying goes.

Here are some of the 10 most common betting mistakes:

1. Betting without preparation

Obviously, you should not bet on something you have no idea of what is at stake. First of all, you should avoid betting on sports that you do not understand. Then, the cornerstone of sports betting success is the study. Old players say that research can never be too much - there is always more valuable information to learn.

Laziness is one of the most common problems players have. If you do not carefully study your bets or simply place a bet on the idea of placing a bet, you are much more likely to lose money than to win.

Professional bettors spend their entire day digging through statistical and sport news sites. It is understandable that if you are not a professional you cannot spend all your time on betting, but bookmakers have already made it so easy for you that it is a sin not to put in at least a little effort. Bet365, for example, has its own section for both statistics and news.

2. Lack of patience

It will be difficult to get rich in sports betting for a few days. Yes, you can get lucky and know some high-stakes accumulator bets, but in general, it will take a long time before you can significantly increase your bank.

It is very likely that many of your bets will fail. Series of unsuccessful bets happen to even the best betting professionals.

A large percentage of newcomers do not follow a proper bank management policy and bet all their money on several matches. If you want to avoid the risk of rapid bankruptcy, you must be prepared to face a long series of unsuccessful bets, and in order to do so you must not bet much of your bank on a single bet.

3. Reading emotions

A lot of players at bookmakers are betting too much on their heart and not so much on their heads. Often the heart says "I have a hunch about ..." but in reality there is no basis for this attitude. Your bets must be selected based on a number of factors that we have talked about numerous times on this site.

Man winning from sports betting

One of the differences between professionals and betting amateurs is that professionals can control their emotions. Emotions are a bad advisor and spoil the betting discipline. Set them aside when you go to the bookmaker site.

4. Belief in dubious sources

Each player hopes to receive a source of insights to help them defeat the bookies.

Many people, especially on social networks, claim that they have access to matches or insights from teams. They convince you of these things for two reasons - either because they feel more important or because they want to make money out of you. Never give yourself the money of such questionable sources, especially those that offer you matches. If someone knows about a match, they will not give it for $20-$30.

5. Bets on your favorite team

Football fans happy from the winning of their favourite team

Never bet on your favorite team! This is an old maxim in bets and is directly related to the third point about emotions - you can not make an objective analysis of your favorite team match. You need to be open-minded in your bets and rely on news and statistics. If you love your favorite team, its matches will be interesting enough without you having to place a bet. In the meantime, you can look at other matches and find one that can make you a win.

6. Too many bets

Betting sites offer many markets and betting opportunities, and it is easy for one to tip and start placing countless bets. However, a much better approach is to be more selective in your match selection and to only bet on those where you find good causes and sufficient value for the bet.

7. Failure to check for injuries and punishments before each game

Missing players can change the likelihood of a game exit from any sport faster than anything else. Many players see a good odds on one team and do not think that the odds are so good because the best players in the team will not be able to play.

Football team

We have already mentioned the need for research, but many people think it is enough to just look at the statistics. You can see that just a month ago Team A easily beat Team B, but will the same players play in the upcoming match from then on?

8. Priority of the ranking over the current form

As for statistics, a common mistake among players is to look at the standings and when they see that one team is ahead of the other, immediately recognize it as the favorite of the match.

However, the seasons in modern sports are long, and the form of athletes and teams has its peaks and dips.

It is much more correct to look at the statistics from the last 5 or 6 games and to make your own decisions.

9. Blaming bad luck

Bad luck - Friday 13th

Don't make the mistake of blaming your bets for bad luck. The curse of Fortune is a natural reaction to failure in every field, but it prevents you from realizing whether it is accidental that the mistake may be in you. With a little analysis you will probably be able to correct your mistakes, but this will only happen if you are completely honest with yourself.

10. Choosing the wrong bookmaker

Even if you follow all the rules for successful bets, all your efforts can be stymied by choosing the wrong bookmaker. Choose where to place your bets very carefully, because betting on low odds bookmaker will doom you to a bet failure. In our site we have selected some of the best bookmakers in the world. Take a look at their reviews and decide where it suits you to play.